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A Little Fall of Rain

Title: A Little Fall Of Rain
Fandom: Missouri Breaks/One-Eyed Jacks. The first is a Western that contains my favorite Brando performance of all time: that of a psychotic, cross-dressing, lying killer with horrific fashion sense and a habit of ping-ponging between accents. (Seriously. It's awe-inspiring. And friggin' hilarious.) The second is the first and last project directed by Brando, another Western wherein he plays a guy named Rio who mumbles a lot (seriously, could not understand a word he said. Because there wasn't any other director to go, "SPEAK UP, MARLON!") and seduces the daughter of his betrayer, who once was his best friend. For some reason I decided that, in some universe, they were related. This is the result.
Rating: PG-13, for some violence.
Pairing/Characters: Robert Lee Clayton, Rio, Hank the OC jailer
Disclaimer: Not mine, though I am now the proud owner of a bare-bones Missouri Breaks DVD.
A/N:Post One-Eyed Jacks, pre Missouri Breaks. The timing’s a little off, but not by much. And in the end, most Westerns seem like they’re happening right around the same time anyway, don’t they?

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Fandom: Don Juan DeMarco

Title: The Prodigal and Another Fine Mess
Fandom: Don Juan DeMarco. The official tagline is "A very-nearly-porn starring Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando!" but of course that is somewhat misleading. (Okay, not really.) It's a sweet, funny movie that is very nearly porn in which Depp touts himself as the World's Greatest Lover, and Brando is determined to get his title back. (Seriously, "World's Greatest Lover"? Coffee-cup material. Also, t-shirts.)
Characters/Pairings: Don Juan and Jack/Marilyn; Don Juan and OC
Rating: PG for both
Disclaimer: Not mine. Also, Another Fine Mess is from years ago, so I cannot be held accountable. The statute of limitations, blah blah blah.
Summary(s):(The Prodigal) He traded in the cape for some jeans, the accent for freedom. Don Juan returns to an island he remembers keenly, where the love of his life waits for him forever. The couple on their second honeymoon are just along for the ride. (Another Fine Mess) Madness isn’t always as sudden as we might think. Before his sessions with Dr. Mickler, there were some telling moments with a different psychiatrist, who treated him— differently.
Interesting Fact: First movie I ever saw Brando in, about five or so years ago. Mostly my reaction was, "Huh." Then, about halfway through, there's a picture of him when young, looking vaguely like Vince Vaughn. Rapidly, my reaction turned to, "Hmmm..." LITTLE DID I KNOW.

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Title: Afters
Fandom: A Streetcar Named Desire. This movie gave me issues. I admire it greatly, but I was also seriously annoyed by Vivian Leigh, which made it difficult for me to be much touched by the character. Still, the film contains some of the greatest performances in American film history, it's true. So if you haven't seen it, you should. At least once. And then go watch On The Waterfront.
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Stella, Stanley, an older Baby Kowalski
Disclaimer: I don't own Streetcar. Sometimes I don't even like Streetcar.
Summary: Stella sees him coming, but there's nothing she can do except walk as though towards a brick wall. Maybe she can get through. If Stanley the brick wall will stand aside and let her pass.

"I have eyes like those of a dead pig." -Marlon Brando

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Title: On Repeat
Fandom: Tin Man. This is one of those fandoms I feel badly about, because the actual product is so much less than it could have been. Certain elements of the miniseries are very intriguing, some are quite imaginative, and I can't seem to let it go. However, I can't really recommend it to anyone either unless you're A. bored, B. an Oz fan (which I am), C. so fascinated by Callum Keith Rennie that you have to watch everything he's ever done. I do think that if it had been given a show run, instead of just a three part miniseries, it would have turned out much better. Ah, Tin Man, I lament for you and your stillborn greatness.
Genre: romance/humor
Characters/Pairing: DG/Ambrose, slightly one-sided. And hints of DG/Cain.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Post-miniseries. Ambrose is looking for any reason, any reason at all, to spend time with DG, but his excuses are getting a little thin.
A/N: This one's for Nite.

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Shills and Decoys

Title: Shills and Decoys
Fandom: Guys and Dolls, movie musical edition. So everyone knows the story, and the music, and the actors. With only three entries on FF.net, this still counts as an obscure fandom. What's fascinating about it (to me, anyway) is how a guy named "Marlon" made people think he was cool the bad guy/good girl thing. Even though the bad guys aren't really bad guys. And they all have cute nicknames. And Frank Sinatra.
Genre: romance
Characters/Pairing: Sky Masterson/Sister Sarah
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Do. Not. Want. Own.
Summary: After drinks and dancing and mission bells, the taxi to the airport turns out to be the fun part. Sky Masterson and Sister Sarah, gradually leaving Cuba behind.

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Fandom: Sweet November (1968)

Title: Thirty Days Hath
Fandom: Er, there is no real fandom as such for this. As far as I can tell, I am one of about six people that know this movie exists. Anyway, it's the original Sweet November from 1968. A new one was made in 2001, with Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, which I avoided for reasons which start with the word "Keanu" and end with the word "Reeves." The old one, though, had Sandy Dennis and Anthony Newley (in the running for my most embarrassing crush ever, I must admit) and some pretty peppy dialogue, despite the fact that it was so sappy-sweet it'll send you into a diabetic coma. Newley and Dennis had surprisingly good comedy chemistry, possibly because of the fact that they reportedly feuded the entire time they were filming.
Characters/Pairing: Sara Deever/Charlie Blake
Rating: G
Summary: She's trying to teach him the fine art of plumbing, but he's getting all tangled up in words and bicycle tape.
A/N: This fanfic is difficult to explain. I guess I was just wondering how an aloof British box-maker took to learning how to be a plumber.

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Fandom: Double Happiness

Title: Like Those White Ghosts
Fandom: Double Happiness, one of my new favorite movies. It's this tiny little slice-of-life sort of thing wherein Jade, a young Chinese-Canadian woman played by Sandra Oh, has a one night stand with the startlingly unattractive but still sweet Mark, played by Callum Keith Rennie. Things happen, and she starts to pull away from her strict but loving family, even though she fears being disowned as her older brother was. There's scenes of utter brilliance, slow-motion swinging, an old Chinese guy singing MacArthur Park, and, as mentioned, the brilliant (if startlingly unattractive) Callum Rennie.
Pairing/Characters: Jade/Mark
Rating: PG
Summary: She gets out of the car and runs for her life. She's afraid to leave things behind, but more afraid not to reach out for the things in front of her.

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Title: Half a Dozen Drabbles in Random Fandoms
Fandom: Doctor Who, Buffy, Firefly, Torchwood and Labyrinth
Pairing/Characters: Doctor/Rose pairing (I wrote this awhile ago...), Buffy core cast, River and Simon, Ianto and some Goblins.
Rating: PG
Summary: Six 100 word Drabbles from various fandoms.

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I hope intro's are allowed?

Hey! I hope this is ok to post an intro, but I found this community and think it's a brilliant idea! 

My name's Rhymer, and I love obscure fandoms. My favourite fandoms are Labyrinth, Wonderfalls, True Blood (although it's getting bigger by the day), Marc Caro and Jean Piere Jeneut films, Gilliam films and Mirrormask. I hope to share some of my fic later, but at the moment my brain is occupied with NaNoWriMo.

Til then, I'll pimp your com to a few elite friends, and hope to see lots more activity!
Title: Mine, Almost
Fandom: Juno, which, come on, everybody saw, right? Teenager gets pregnant by first-ever boyfriend, then decides to have the baby adopted out. Chaos ensues.
Genre: drama/humor
Pairing/Characters: Juno, Mark
Rating: PG
Summary: This fat suit, she likes. This one, she can take off. She forgets that it makes her look exactly the same. Juno, Mark, a years later tag end to the movie.

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