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small fandoms unite
Congratulations, you found us! Difficult to do considering how obscure we are. This is the place for tiny fandoms, the ones that are difficult to sustain on an internet obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean and Bratz dolls and Jennifer Lopez and... whatever the internet's obsessed with these days. (Darn kids and their music.)

Share a fandom! There's bound to be something you can't get your friends into, or don't dare tell your mother about. Have you found the only good fic for The Great Mouse Detective? Is Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) burning a hole in your mental pocket? Share it here, tell us why you love it, and sit back and watch the money roll in! (Okay. Made the last part up. No profit is involved here.) And by all means, feel free to pimp your stuff out. If you've written the only Hamish/Elspeth story on the internet (and you probably have, we all know how you are about that kind of thing) we want to see it. Fanart, etc, is welcome too.

Please keep stories behind lj cuts, and make sure to credit where credit is due, and rate your contributions appropriately. (PG, PG-13, R, etc. Please no NC-17 or Triple X. (Wait, that's a small fandom. Okay. Triple X only if it's the movie of the same name.)) And look around at other people's entries: this community, like Barney (yet another small fandom), is all about sharing.